Maine Woods National ParkMaine Woods National Park Photo-Documentation Project
Preserving Wildlife in Maine's Great North Woods

"Hooray for the good people of Maine, who are pushing for a Maine Woods National Park and will save these priceless lakes and streams from commercial exploitation."

Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award-Winning Folk Singer,
Pete Seeger


Imagine having the opportunity to preserve one of the last great wilderness ecosystems that exists in the United States. To create adequate space and a peaceful environment in which some of the world’s greatest and larger species have room to raise their families, thrive and survive; species such as Canada Lynx, black bear, and moose.

Imagine a society of environmentalists, politicians, conservationists, foresters, hunters, sportsman, developers and citizens, young and old, working collaboratively to rescue an ecosystem on the verge of destruction. Preserving an ecosystem to help maintain clean air and water, protect plants, wildlife, and insects, create a peaceful environment where people can visit to escape chaos, safeguard our planet for future generations and still have ample space for commercial and recreational activities.

Imagine thinking and leading with our hearts rather than our wallets to do what’s right, because it’s the right thing to do.

Imagine having the power and resources of a national agency to support the creation and ongoing maintenance and management of such an effort.

Imagine having this opportunity and not acting on it, thereby contributing to the possible extinction of species such moose, bear and Canada lynx, due to the loss of habitat, a reality that sadly came true for the woodland caribou, wolf and mountain lion that were lost within the past 100 years, here in Maine.

Imagine creating the 3.2 million acre Maine Woods National Park. It’s difficult to imagine that such a place could even exist today, let alone the opportunity to protect it. It is with great pride The Maine Woods National Park Photo-Documentation Project provides education and inspiration, through photographs and words, to encourage society to work cooperatively to make the 3.2 million acre Maine Woods National Park a reality; for the benefit of life, human and wild and the protection of our natural world and planet overall. Take a journey into the proposed Maine Woods National Park through this website, documenting the denizens of the proposed park and their habitat. What will become of the wildlife featured within the pages of this website? Time is running out – will Maine’s Great North Woods live or die at the hands of man and woman?

The Maine Woods National Park Photo-Documentation Project is the vision of conservationists, and professional wildlife photography team, Thomas Mark Szelog and Lee Ann Szelog. The Project captures the splendor of the proposed Maine Woods National Park and its riches that deserve protection and will be showcased in a compelling book and traveling fine-art photography exhibit. This website allows you to follow the journey and learn how to support the creation of the proposed park. The Szelogs also conduct a multi-media presentation about the proposed Maine Woods National Park; for more information about the presentation, please click below:

America's Next National Park - The Maine Woods National Park
A Multi-Media Presentation

Presentation video excerpts:

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