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Preserving Wildlife in Maine's Great North Woods

Imagine the Maine Woods National Park - a fine art photography exhibit

View the wild faces and places of the proposed 3.2 million acre Maine Woods National Park through the fine-art photography exhibit titled, Imagine the Maine Woods National Park. After logging over 25,000 miles through Maine’s Great North Woods during the past 9 years, Tom and Lee Ann Szelog have created a collection of images reflecting the raw splendor and fragility of this vast wilderness ecosystem. Through this exhibit, viewers will journey into the heart of Maine’s Great North Woods, and meet the denizens within their natural habitat, providing a unique opportunity to understand nature’s abundant beauty from a rarely visited wilderness.

Essays from notable environmental conservationists in support of the creation of the proposed park including President Jimmy Carter; Michael Brune, Sierra Club Executive Director; Stewart Brandborg, former Executive Director of the Wilderness Society; and David Suzuki, world renowned environmental thinker, complement the exhibit.

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Own a Piece of Art and History

The Maine Woods National Park Photo-Documentation Project features life in one of the last great wilderness ecosystems and allows you to meet the denizens of the proposed park. What will become of this wildlife? What will become of one of America’s last great, unprotected wilderness areas? Special edition prints from the Project are available, chronicling a place that may be altered and forgotten by future generations. Own a historic piece of documentation that will forever preserve life in the proposed Maine Woods National Park.

All proceeds from the sale of prints and portfolios support the Maine Woods National Park Photo-Documentation Project.

Option 1: Special Edition Giclée Reproduction Prints

The proposed Maine Woods National Park is masterfully portrayed in these fine art photographic prints by Thomas Mark Szelog. Select any photograph from the Maine Woods National Park Photo-Documentation Project website and have it created into a special edition Giclée fine art print. These superior prints are printed on canvas and custom gallery-wrapped on an internal frame. The prints are ready for hanging; no need for glass or framing. This is one of the finest reproductions available today.

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Option 2: Special Edition Fine Art Portfolio: The Portraits-Volume One

The essence of the proposed Maine Woods National Park is forever captured in this collection of fine art photographic prints by Thomas Mark Szelog. The portfolio includes a select group of ten signature prints of wildlife portraits from the Maine Woods National Park Photo-Documentation Project, approximately 8 1/2” by 5 1/2” each, set in 11"x14" white archival matting. The artwork conveys a mastery of the medium and a unique personal vision. Each print is signed and the collection is packaged in an archival presentation box.

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Photographer's Statement

When I venture into the northern Maine forest I am fully aware that I am a guest in a house and home. And as any visitor into a home should, I behave properly. The denizens of the forest are no different than the human denizens of a city. The wildlife must seek food, water, and shelter. They use their home, the forest, to sleep, eat, rest, and reproduce and raise their families. I would not deny the right of a person to thrive in their home, nor would I deny the same for the wild creatures of the woods.

Having a reverence for wildlife is a must when exploring the forest. I never use animal calls, decoys, or bait to attract animals to within photography range. I do not interfere with the livelihood of the animals. I never stalk the animals. There may be nothing more gratifying to me than to sit still in the middle of the forest, waiting unobtrusively to watch the creatures go about their day, even if the wait takes hours, days, or even longer.

Mankind will never improve upon the beauty of Mother Nature. No manipulation of my photographs, or any use of computer or digital technology will make my images better. What nature allows me to see through my camera viewfinder is already outstanding. Mother Nature deserves all of the credit for the beauty in my photographs.

Wildlife photography is more than creating art, it is capturing an experience.

Thomas Mark Szelog
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